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Choose from the options below to discover which combination will best meet your specific needs.

Our monitored intrusion detection packages ensure that you, our central station, and the police, if necessary, will be alerted in the case of a perimeter breach. Every monitored home security system that we install provides you with comfort and safety knowing that your home is always secured and monitored by our central station.

The flexibility of home surveillance systems allows us to install a network that serves the exact purpose that you desire while providing extensive monitoring capabilities. Whether it be for an indoor or outdoor application, our experienced technicians will work with you to install exactly what you need.

By including automation in an intrusion detection package, you can set heating and lighting schedules, arm or disarm your system, lock/unlock doors and much more all from your phone, computer or keypad. Automation allows you to customize your home security system and create programs that work with your specific schedule.

The inexpensive addition of fire detection equipment to your security system ensures that minimal damage will be incurred to property and life in the event of a fire. Our expert technicians will make sure equipment is installed and placed correctly to provide the maximum amount of safety for you and your family.