Residental Video Surveillance

Central Security's NEW remote home video surveillance technology works for you 24/7.

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Outdoor Video Camera

  • Outdoor cameras are weatherproof
  • Super wide angle view
  • Smart bandwidth consumption
  • Motion and sound detection
  • Smart notifications
  • Share access, private or public
  • One account, multiple locations
  • Cloud archive & recording
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Doorbell Camera

Aside from stepping up your home security, a doorbell camera makes your life easier to manage. No need to interrupt a family meal to answer the doorbell. No more missing a delivery just because you’re not home. Unwanted solicitors at your doorstep? With a smart video doorbell camera, you can see them on your smartphone and let them know you’re not interested. And when a visitor shows up, get alerts you—even if the doorbell isn’t pressed.

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Indoor Video Camera

Our home video cameras and apps are designed to keep you in the know. Know when your kids come home from school. Know what they are doing when you’re out. Know your home is safe from intruders with motion alerts that are sent to your device. And much more.

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