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There are plenty of reasons to install a home security system, but one good reason is that you may save up to 20% on your homeowner’s insurance for installing a monitored security system. Since many insurance companies offer discounted premiums for homeowners to have a monitored home security and additional premium discounts for a monitored fire system, you may find that the discount actually pays for the price of the security system! Of course you will want to check with your insurance company because discount amounts vary depending on where you live, how much homeowner’s insurance premiums cost, the type of monitored security and fire system you have, and whether or not your insurance company offers these discounts. If your insurance company does not offer savings, we recommend you speak with a reputable insurance broker in your community that can help you save money.



The discounts that are typically offered vary between 5% and 20%. The discount is usually closer to 5% if you simply install some deadbolt locks and a basic alarm system that is not monitored.

For those that want excellent protection with a monitored home security system installed, the discount is normally closer to 20%. This usually includes having good door locks, a security system accompanied by smoke sensors for fire, as well as the system being monitored. Some agencies reward customers with further discounts for installing gas-leak detectors, cold-temperature monitoring, a water-leak detection system or a hard wired backup generator. Of course, you will need to talk to your insurance agent in order to confirm what your discount would be. If your insurance company does not currently offer discounts, you may want to find one that does.


It is customary for an insurance company to require proof that you have a monitored home security system. Upon request, Central Security will forward you and/or your insurance company a Certificate as shown below.

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